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We understand how frustrating it is to have a broken windshield or a window in your car.

We understand how frustrating it is to wake up one morning and find out that your windshield or window had a crack on it? We know – it isn’t very pleasant. But luckily, if that ever happens, that means you will have these guys from Dr. Glassman Repair come out to help you get the best car window replacement possible so that you no longer have to be scared of getting behind the wheel or worried about any other damage occurring to your vehicle as a result of your cracked windshield or window.


Auto Glass Repair Names in case you get confused with some vehicles having more than the traditional 6.

It’s not just about windshields. Our cars, trucks, and SUVs have much more glass on them than they used to. And when you’re booking an appointment to have that auto glass repair done or replaced, it’s helpful to have the name of the piece you need us to fix. The graphics below show some common words for each piece of glass on a vehicle.

YES! We are mobile

So you do not have to worry about bringing your vehicle to the shop

We offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement services in your area. One of our technicians will come to you whether you’re at your home, at work, or on the road. All our technicians are certified, and we ensure that quality does not suffer by offering mobile services. Get your Auto Glass repair or replacement fast.

We deliver the same top-quality services at your home or your place of work as we do at our repair shop!



Assess Damage

Don’t give up on your cracked or chipped windshield until we assess the damage. We tackle the tried-and-true break types better than anyone, but we really shine when coming up with creative solutions to complex cracks.


Think Repair First, Then Replace

Most auto glass providers see no difference between repair and replacement. A job is a job for them. But we know unnecessary replacements mean your wallet and the environment pick up the slack.


Make An Appointment

Nobody has time to worry about their windshield. You just want your car to be safe and ready to drive. That’s why we make it easy to get your windshield repaired or replaced at your location.

Dr. Glassman Repair Promise/Guarantee

Here at Dr. Glassman Repair, we promise to deliver top-notch service. Your windshield is an integral part of your car, and we guarantee to fix and repair it as efficiently and carefully as possible. Our goal is to keep you happy, and your vehicle is looking its best. We promise to work closely with you on timing, budget, and anything else you need.

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Ignoring the problem does not make it disappear

There is nothing worse than a cracked, shattered, or ruined windshield. Many repair companies cost an arm and a leg to do a quick and messy job. In this way, they sacrifice security and quality service. This could lead to your new windshield being installed or repaired improperly, which could be dangerous and even end up costing you even more in the future, creating leakage of water and gaps or air pockets between the glass and the urethane, among other safety hazards. With our trained team of professionals, we provide quick and quality service.

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